Russian cross-country skier Aleksandr Bolshunov, center, walks down steps after training at Holmenkollen, near Oslo, Tuesday March 1, 2022. Norway challenged a decision by the International Ski Federation to allow Russians to keep competing, and said it would block them from upcoming rounds of the World Cup that Norway hosts this week. (Annika Byrde/NTB scanpix via AP)

Russia banned from sports following Ukraine invasion

The International Olympic Committee has urged all sports to ban Russian and Belarusian athletes and teams from international competitions. Following this statement, more and more sports are enacting bans on the country. The sentiment is to have Russia banned from sports.

Russia Banned From World Cup

Russia is barred from qualifying for the 2022 World Cup by FIFA. Together, FIFA and UEFA decided that all Russian national and club teams will be suspended from international play until further notice.

Russia and Poland were set to play in a semifinal match later this month. The winner of this game would play either Czech Republic or Sweden. Ahead of FIFA’s decision, Poland, Czech Republic and Sweden, among others, refused to play Russia, regardless of the match’s location.

Russia and Belarus Banned From IIHF

The International Ice Hockey Federation banned all Russian and Belarusian national and club teams from competitions until further notice. This decision will affect several upcoming tournaments.

Following this ruling, Russia and Belarus will not be able to play in the men’s world championships in May. Also, Russia will be banned from two tournaments in August, the rescheduled world junior championships and the women’s world championships.

The IIHF is also withdrawing hosting rights from Russia for the 2023 World Junior Championships, which was set to be played in Novosibirsk.

Russia Excluded From Skating and Skiing

The International Skating Union said no athletes from Russia or Belarus “shall be invited or allowed to participate” in events until further notice.

The world figure skating championship begins on March 21. The ISU ban means Olympic champion Anna Shcherbakova and teammate Kamila Valieva will be unable to compete.

Also, the International Ski Federation sent home Russian cross-country skiers from competitions in Norway. This decision came after Norwegian ski officials refused to let Russian and Belarusian athletes race, regardless of the ISF’s previous policy, which allowed those athletes to compete.

Going Forward

Among soccer, hockey, skating and skiing, Russian teams and clubs are also suspended from international volleyball, rowing, rugby and badminton competitions.

Also, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee said it doesn’t want Russia to compete in Beijing.

The governing bodies of fencing, shooting and boxing, all led by Russians, have not yet banned the country and its ally’s athletes from competitions.

Among the bans, some sponsors and companies are cutting ties with their Russian affiliates. Adidas, who makes the Russian national soccer team jerseys, suspended its partnership with the federation.

As more and more sports ban Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions, more will begin to follow suit.

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