New York Mets' Pete Alonso reacts after striking out against Washington Nationals starting pitcher Patrick Corbin during the first inning of a baseball game, Saturday, April 6, 2019, in New York. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Pete Alonso Walks Away Unharmed

Former Gator and current New York Mets first baseman, Pete Alonso, was involved in a car accident after his car flipped three times. The MLB All-Star is thankful to be alive after a car struck him running a red light.

The Scary Incident

The first baseman was on his way to spring practice when the accident occurred. Alonso is expected to return to practice as the accident resulted in no injuries.

Alonso is happy to be healthy as he feels fine after the accident. He feels confident in his return to full activity in practice as he will take things slow just doing personal work in order to play it safe.

For Alonso, it was a near-death experience during the accident and expressed his gratitude for being in the position he is in now. This is very important and special to him as this is where the start of his season will take off.

This series is something very special to Alonso and the fact he was able to perform at training with his given ability is what he is most thankful for. Alonso feels confident and healthy to play the rest of spring training.

Alonso mentioned that one minute he was driving to training and the next he was kicking his windshield in in order to get out of his vehicle. Him being the witty and sarcastic guy that he is, was glad that Ford made such great durable cars. His wife, Haley, was happy to see that he made it out unharmed.

“I’m ok, I just wanted you guys to hear hear from me first. The other people in the other cars were okay. I was driving through a green light and I don’t know what they were doing but they just plowed right into me and totally disregarded the red light. I’m fine, my family is fine, and I am all good.”

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