The Eastside Rams girls lacrosse against the Santa Fe Raiders. [Amanda Roman]

Eastside Girls Lacrosse Team Struggles Early In Their Season

By Cati Stoehr and Amanda Roman

The Eastside Rams girls lacrosse team struggled to overcome the pressure that the Santa Fe Raiders brought to the field on Feb. 23, losing 18-0.

The Raiders have had a decent start to the season with a 3-3 record. The Rams, however, have yet to win a game with a 0-4 record.

Game Difficulties

Beginning at the first face-off, the Rams lacked the energy needed to take on the Raiders.

Within the first 16 seconds of the game, the Rams were scored on. This pattern of consecutive goals by the Raiders continued throughout the game.

The Rams also had trouble connecting their passes in the defense, which enabled the Raiders to charge the goal.

The Rams’ Potential Showing

Some efforts were made by Eastside to charge at the goal. Hope Armstrong played with intensity throughout the game, creating some opportunities for the Rams at the goal.

Alayna Ciulla and Tara Guatam showed off their offensive skills and came close to racking up points for the Rams in the fourth quarter.

Although the Raiders maintained possession for the majority of the game, the Rams were able to hold them off in the fourth quarter by not allowing them to score any points.

The Rams’ Potential Showing

Despite the Rams suffering this loss, the team maintained positive camaraderie and demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship. Regardless of the scoreboard, their positive attitudes shined through during this game and emphasized their true love for the game.

Up Next

The Rams came close to beating the Newberry Panthers on Tuesday, losing 7-6.

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