ESPN’S Sutcliffe on MLB Wild Card Race and Tebow

As the regular season draws to a close, ESPN’s Major League Baseball Analyst Rick Sutcliffe joined “SportScene” with Steve Russel Tuesday to talk about the MLB Wild Card Race and Tim Tebow.

Sutcliffe initially opposed the Wild Card but has since turned around to enjoy the idea.  With the season coming to an end, the AL East remains the only division still hotly contested. The other divisions have a clear leader in front, focusing in on clinching the pennant.  With a majority of  divisions having a clear leader, the hunt begins for the Wild Card.

Sutcliffe has predicted the Baltimore Orioles and the Detroit Tigers to represent the American League Wild Card, in addition, to the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals for the National League Wild Card. The reasons for giving these teams the nod is because he likes Baltimore’s rotation, the remaining schedule for Detroit, the managing of the Mets, and the experience of St. Louis.

Sutcliffe proclaims himself as one of the biggest Tebow fans on the face of the Earth.  Respecting Tebow as a person for what he does off the field, Sutcliffe has offered to help Tebow in any way he can, including throwing batting practice for Tebow in the winter.  Tebow faces tremendous odds but Sutcliffe applauds his efforts. Sutcliffe believes that only good will come from Tebow’s attempt to join the MLB.

With less than fourteen games left in the game for all MLB teams,  we will soon see who makes it to the playoffs and if Sutcliffe predicted correctly. Only time will tell, with both the Wild Card teams and the development of Tebow.

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