Official March Madness 2020 tournament basketballs are seen in a store room at the CHI Health Center Arena, in Omaha, Neb., Monday, March 16, 2020. Omaha was to host a first and second round in the NCAA college basketball Division I tournament, which was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

CBS will pay freelancers who were set to work NCAA Tournament

Hundreds of sports technicians were set to work the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, Final Four Weekend, and both Division II and Division III National Championship games in March. But they were all affected by the decision to end all play at any level due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, CBS delivered good news to the hundreds of IBEW members who were hired to work for the NCAA tournament.


Freelancers getting paid

Within 48 hours of the NCAA made the decision of calling off the tournament. Later, CBS made it known that they will pay the professionals who were hired to work the 63 games.

CBS has announced that they will pay technicians, utilities and freelancers for the days they were scheduled to work. Additionally, CBS states that payments will be made in weekly payroll.

According to IBEW Media Center, there were 500-600 freelancers who were contracted to work the NCAA tournament. Freelancers will also be a part of receiving weekly payroll beginning over the next weeks as well as other corresponding benefits. Additionally, These freelancers include not just those working on-site, but also those in broadcast studios.

NCAA Tournaments affect by COVID-1

The coronavirus has put a big damper on the entire month of March. For  College basketball, the cancelation of the NCAA tournament was definitely one that many college basketball players, coaches, family, friends and fans were not expecting.

Last Thursday, the NCAA released a statement that canceled both their Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments. The decision was made a day after the NCAA said that the event will take place with no fans.

Despite that previous decision being made, it was the evolving public health threat from the COVID-19 virus that led to the final decision.

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