Hornet's Head Coach Cornelius Ingram, warms up his defensive backs before their game against P.K. Yonge on August 23.

Hawthorne prepares for season opener against Newberry

Coming off of an 8-4 season from 2019, the Hawthorne Hornets prepare to play their first game of the season. This Friday, Sept. 4 at 7:30pm, Hawthorne hosts their first game of the 2020 season against Newberry.

A Look At the Hornets

Head coach Cornelius Ingram has high hopes for the team this season. He says that they are all very young and hopes this allows them to grow within the program for the next few years. Despite their youth, however, Ingram says that the team has a lot of skill and size for their ages.

While some teams were unable to get more than four games scheduled due to coronavirus, Hawthorne currently has six on the official books. Coach Ingram, though is hopeful to add more as time goes on. He comments on how this has given his team the opportunity to play against bigger programs than normal, however, this poses an issue when comparing team sizes and not wanting to exhaust the players.

Hawthorne Preparation

Immediately following the “okay” from the county, coach Ingram started practice for the Hornets. Now they have had two weeks worth of practice under their belts leading up to the first game.

During most high school football off-seasons, summer practices are generally a part of the schedule. The effects of Coronavirus, however, have put a halt on athletics though until recently.

A Look at Newberry

The Newberry Panthers are coming off of a 9-2 season from 2019. Last August, they beat the Hornets in overtime 20-17.

With this game though, comes new restrictions on high school football. Stadium sizes have been reduced, making tickets harder to come by and changing the atmosphere surrounding the games. Coach Ingram also says that the anticipation of getting to play after the season’s schedule has been pushed around, has built an even greater excitement for the game between the players.

Adjusting to Coronavirus

In order to prevent a major outbreak amongst the team, the Hornets have been taking precautions to promote good health between the players and staff. This has included limiting contact with new environments, but also incorporating personal masks and water bottles, sanitizing stations and promoting social distancing guidelines.

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