Missouri players watch the final minutes of their 66-65 loss to Florida during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2022, in Columbia, Mo. (AP Photo/L.G. Patterson)

Missouri Tigers vs. Texas A&M: Preview

The Missouri Tigers (8-13) travel to take on the Texas A&M Aggies(15-7) Saturday at 4 p.m.


Texas A&M:

The Tale of two seasons. The Aggies started the season 15-2. Getting the close wins and then blowing out opponents that they needed to blow out. Their aspirations for the NCAA tournament were not only valid but seemed to be realistic. At the end of this fairytale stretch of games the beat the Tigers 67-64 to get their winning streak to stretch to eight games.

Then, the magic seemed to go away.

The Aggies were not dominating any of the games they were winning and some would say that they were getting lucky with their wins. Over their past five games the Aggies have not won their close games and have been blown out by teams with better talent. The Aggies are on a five game losing streak and the wish of the NCAA tournament seems far out.

Can we call this the real Aggie team or is the team just returning to the average. Before the loss to Tennessee the Aggies we ranked 72nd in advanced stats for a team. Not only is this not top 25 but these stats were nowhere close to top 50 even. How is a team that is meant to make a tournament expected to win games when the counting stats are not even close to where they have to be.

This upcoming game is not only a bounce back win but it hopefully is a win that can send Texas back on one of their streaks. But they need to win.



Missouri’s highest regard this season is having the same form as Texas A&M going into this matchup.

There isn’t much to say regarding the men’s basketball team. Missouri sits second to last in the SEC and have a 2-6 record against the SEC this season. Missouri averages 66.1 points per game which ranks them 339th of all colleges. As well as, giving up 70 points per game on the defensive side. This team is simply not up to par with other college programs.

That being said, in their last game the lost by one to a solid Florida team. Two games ago, the team also lost by one to number one ranked Auburn. This team not only has shown that they can compete on this high level but also they can cause damage to the big teams this college season.

With a win tomorrow this does not change much about the Tigers season but rather solidifies that this team is not to be taken as an easy win.

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