XFL Suspends All Operations; No Plans for a Return in 2021

The XFL suspends all operations due to COVID-19 and has no plans to make a return on 2021. The league has laid off almost all of its staff and only very few executive remain employed.

This suspension of operations was made on Friday, April 10th in the morning. XFL Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Pollack was the one to inform the now-dismissed employees by conducting a 10-minute conference call.

According to an XFL staffer who was present on the call said that there were no direct implications that the league was going out of business. But even without these direct implications, it was clear that operations were suspended and there were no plans of coming back for another season.

Despite the news being out, the league has not posted any official announcements in their social media. They posted on their twitter this gif with no caption:

Words were not needed for them to show how disappointed they are about their season ending too soon.

This is the second professional football league that has shut down operations before finishing their first season. Another league that ended too soon was the Alliance of American Football which ran out of money and suspended its season after eight weeks of playing.

The XFL was not showing signs of following the AAFs unfortunate events. The league was on a path to success as it was being well-received by fans. Sadly, the league will most likely not return on 2021 as it will be a victim of a probably economic crash created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Employee Reactions

Even though the league was being well-received by most fans, there were still some fans that did not think we needed more leagues. These fans thought that having another football league was not necessary

Andrew Samson, a former XFL employee, went on social media to share his feelings after the suspension. He directed his message towards the fans making hateful comments regarding the suspension of the league.

Many other people have gone on social media defending he validity of the league. They respect the players and believe in their staff and players.

Most of these players and coaches are people that did not get a chance to play or coach in the NFL. They are using the league as a way to keep pursuing their dreams of being in a professional league. For many, the XFL is used as a stepping stone towards the NFL.

Other Football Leagues

As of right now, the NFL has not made any statements about the 2021 season. The reminder of their season was lucky enough to finish before the suspension of sports.

COVID-19 did not affect the 2020 collegiate football season either. The NCAA has not made a statement yet either about whether or not they will suspend their season. But it is definitely a possibility that should require careful monitoring.

Eligibility waivers will probably be discussed if the NCAA suspends its season. The season is far from its opening week but the possibility is still there.

The XFL is the only league so far that suspends their 2021 season. It could be due to the lack of funds needed to operate that were projected to be received in this season.


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